Henry Lau Facts

This is maybe random or you ever read, but just wanna share it if sometimes you guys could forget XD

Henry Lau

Chinese Name: Liu Xian Hua (刘宪华 – 劉憲華)
Korean: 헨리
Nickname: Mochi
Label: SM Entertainment
Birthday: October 11, 1989
Height: 176cm
Country: Canada (Toronto)
Birthplace: Taiwan
Family: Father (Hong Kong), Mother (Taiwanese)
Expertise: Violin, piano, breakdance, drums, ballet, Latin dance, singing
Education: A.Y. Jackson
Group: Super Junior M
Position: Vocal, Rap. Side Composer, Main Dancer
First Appearance: Attack of the Pin-Up Boys: Flower Boys, Series of Terror
Casting: SM Entertainment Global Audition 2006


– Can speak six languages – Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, English, Korean, and Japanese

– Can speak Chinese, learning how to write

– Won many awards for violin, piano and dance

–  His nickname is Mochi because his chubby cheeks look like mochi balls

– Is the youngest member of Super Junior M

– Learned 11 years of violin, 6 years of ballet, and join competitions after learning 1 year of breaking

– 16 year-old, Toronto’s Henry Lau, achieved great results for his level 10 violin exam at The Royal Conservatory of Music. He received a silver medal and the award ceremony will be held on the 27th.

– Henry Lau is an 11th grader at A.Y. Jackson High. Henry’s mother introduced yesterday that all three of her children is learning the violin. Henry is the second child and has started learning the violin since 6 years old.

– obtained a score of 95 for his violin exam in January. He also received a silver medal as an achievement for level 10.

– Henry, who loves the violin, is also learning the piano. He has also passed level 10 for piano. He is currently learning dance due to his love for performing.

– He has also performed at charities in the Chinese community.

– Henry’s mother explained that for Henry to achieve such a good score, talents, hobbies, and the teacher is very important. The teacher is especially important once you reach the high levels.

– His role model is Andy Lau and Super Junior member Lee Donghae

– Ever since the only 13 campaign, Han Geng (leader) is especially overprotective of Henry

– Bathe the least in SJM because he is always training until late at night

– Hates long hair styles

– His parents are said to have a very successful business back in Canada

– His grandparents on his dad side are considered wealthy in Hong Kong

– Henry doesn’t know how to swim

– The other members often make fun of his white soft skin.

– Can not eat spicy food

– Loves lycee especially the ones from Thailand. While there he often stole lycee from the others.

– He drinks tea every morning because his mom once told him to drink tea daily

– Henry like sweet food. Henry like Chocolate, cake and candy. But he like chocolate more (lol! same with me)

– Henry ever said that his ideal type is like his mother (and I think his mother could cook very well) and now he said his ideal type is: long hair, small eyes, and love music. (lol~! same with me again(?))

Henry first impression to Heechul: “Really like a girl, with long hair, and really pretty! I thought he was a transgender”

Henry: “Leeteuk was the only who did the most butt-slapping” -SBS “Strong Heart”

“When I first met the members, they gave me a slap on the butt as a greeting, frankly, that was pretty gay” -Henry first impression to SJ 



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